Can I just rant for a little bit please?

i am so mad right now.  i woke up and remembered that i have a rhetorical analysis to work on. i'm currently taking english 2020, and can i just say how much i hate that class. the teacher is great and all, but the course is boring. to top it off i hate writing.  i'm not a writer and that's exactly why i'm not majoring in english. the rhetorical analysis was due in september which of course i did it.  because i'm not a writer it took me 4 hours to do the assingment.  yes, 4 hours for a 3 1/2 paged paper. i know, i'm slow. my teacher doesn't really grade on a scale, but instead believes in pass or fail type of grading. you either get a pass or a fail written on your paper. i got my paper back a couple of weeks ago only to see that it had a big fat "fail" on it.  i've never failed an assignment in my life. this is the first time i get an F. for all those who are on the same boat as me you know what it feels like, right?  nobody likes to fail. i didn't feel that bad because it turns out that the majority of the class failed the assignment. about three or five people passed. it isn't right. if the vast majority of the class is failing, shouldn't this tell the teacher something.  obviously i feel like he either is grading too hard or he didn't explain the assignment good enough.  i'm gonna go with... both. fortunately he is giving us the opportunity to redo the paper. but i'm still angry. it took me 4 hours to do that awful thing, and now i have to do it again because it just wasn't good enough??? HELLO!!  i'm not an english major and don't plan on being one, i'm going into nursing!

UGH!!!!!!!!!!! I think i better go use this energy on cleaning, that should calm me down.

have you ever failed an assignment???


waiting for the mailman

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i'm waiting to hear whether if i made it into the nursing program or not.
i had my interview on the 20th of October which i felt went well.
 i was a little scared and nervous at first. 
i've only worked 1 job in which i've been at for 5 years so i haven't had the need to interview often.
anyway, i'm supposed to get something by U.S mail sometime after Nov. 1st. 

you can't imagine how anxious i am...
there's something in me that says that i made it, but then there's that doubt as well.  sigh.
i guess we'll have to wait to see the results.

i gotta think positive. :)

a new blog

school is pretty much my life.
so being that school is all i talk about, i thought it would only be appropriate that i open up a new blog. a blog all about my path through nursing school, and the new things that i will get to experience. i want a place where i can record from the beginning of nursing school, to graduation day - and continue to write even after that, as an official nurse. :) 

i love making friends and so i hope to create many through this blogworld,
if you're a nursing student, say "hi", i wanna meet you.
if you're not a nursing student, still say "hi" 'cause i wanna meet you too.

so here it goes!