All over the place

School has started and it has been amazing BUT hectic. I’m overwhelmed with all the things that I have to learn. I’m very excited though and the labs are way fun! We learned charting and how to take vital signs last week. I had never taken blood pressures before, and I kept forgetting to loosen up the cuff when I was done reading the measurement. My poor partner had to keep reminding me “Grecia, you’re going to cut off my circulation!” Hahahaha! I’m totally stoked for all the adventures that are to come. Tomorrow will be my first day wearing my scrubs. It’s going to be memorable (I’ll make sure to take pictures). Did I mention that my stethoscope is PINK also? Well it is. It’s cute and I love it!

Pharmacology is going to be the end of me. I can’t believe the hundreds, thousands of drugs out there. I just learned how to do dosage calculations and when I’m a nurse I’m going to have to be carrying paper, pencil, and a calculator around ‘cause I’ll never be able to do those in my head!

We were also handed a sheet of unapproved and approved abbreviations that we have to memorize and wow, I’m going to be mixing those up. I just know it.

Trivia for the day: BRP= Bathroom Privileges. In case you needed to know? Oh and PR= Per Rectum.