The victim: Oranges

So remember how bad I was freakin’ out over my Pharmacology test the other day? Well, I did ok. I didn’t rock it like my last test, but I did decent. In my language, decent is within the 80’s. Last week was just horrible. I had 3 tests to take plus a 5 paged paper due. Let’s just say that I’m so glad it’s the start of a new week.

Tomorrow we will be practicing injecting.  On oranges.  Yep, on oranges. I wish we could practice on human beings because it’s just not the same you know.  For you nurses out there or nursing students, how did you guys practice? Did your school allow you to practice on each other? Or did a fruit have to be your victim?


Cures and Causes

I got my lab coat in the mail yesterday and received Scrubs Magazine along with it. I found this on their website that I think most who have already taken Pharmacology or are currently taking it (me), can relate to. I'm tempted to print it off and give it to my Pharm Nursing Professor. What do you think?

Gotta love meds!


Rocking it

Last week I had my first nursing exam for “Nursing Interventions”. I was freaking out really bad because our professor told us that it’s common for students to not get very high scores on their first test. So I studied for hours, skimmed the chapters, and finally got the courage to go to the testing center. Let me tell you, I’ve never felt more calm in my life while taking a test than I did that day. It was a 50 question exam. After I was done I was scared to look at the screen that would reveal my score. I found my test sheet number on the screen and to my big surprise I see a 98%. Oh my goodness gracious! I had a hard time believing it! I only missed one question and after I figured out which question I had missed I was mad for several hours because it was a very simple question. I could have totally gotten a 100% if I only hadn’t changed my answer. Oh well. If I keep getting scores like this one I’m totally going to rock my first semester of Nursing. I’m really really  worried for my pharm exam coming up next week, and I’m not making any promises that I’m going to get a 98%. I’ll be lucky if I get in the 80’s. We’ll see.