Anxiety r/t finals week

Definitely experiencing some anxiety over here! Ah, it's finals week! Just took an exam today, got a 93%, and have 2 more to go. I have been studying all day long, and I really have no motivation but I must study some more for my Health Assessment final tomorrow. I can't believe the semester is pretty much over. It went by super speedy! Anyway, I don't know how many of you love magazines but I love to read http://scrubsmag.com, which is a magazine for nurses and student nurses too. It has some good stuff and found this list of Top 10 Nursing diagnosis for nursing students. I can tell you for sure that I'm currently experiencing 4, 5, and 6! Take a look below and let me know which diagnosis you think you might have. 
10. Fluid volume deficit r/t dehydrating effects of caffeine
9. Impaired social interactions r/t inappropriate topics of conversation discussing bodily functions
8. Anxiety r/t time constraints, threatened loss of social activities and anticipation of constant clinical quizzing
7. Functional constipation r/t lack of time to go to the bathroom associated with moving at speed of light and still not getting everything done
6. Impaired skin integrity r/t decubitus ulcer formation from sitting for long periods of time while studying
5. Ineffective breathing pattern r/t anxiety attacks before exams
4. Risk for self-injury r/t excessive carrying of 2,000-lb. textbooks
3. Sleep pattern disturbance r/t waking up at 4 a.m. for clinical after getting to sleep at 2 a.m. from working on care plans
2. Altered thought process: caffeine-induced psychosis r/t increased coffee consumption
1. Self-care deficit r/t being a nursing student

Good Luck on all your finals friends!!!!


How I did

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement yesterday. I seriously was almost going to have a hard attack. I'm just so happy this is over with and now I can relax. I have my health assessment pass off next week, but I'm not so worried about that one. It's just a head-to-toe and feel super confident about it. These past few weeks have been hectic, and I know it will get worse as finals start to approach. 

As for now, I'm done with clinicals, and it was one of the best experiences of my life. I loved being in the nursing home. The residents couldn't be any nicer and cuter. I wish I would have had time to blog about my experiences but like I said, nursing school has kept me busy.  I will share some stories as soon as the semester is over and have more time for blogging though.

By the way, do you guys know any more SN blogs? I may not blog as often on mine but trust me, I do love to read Nursing blogs. Any blogs you'd like to suggest write them below, I would love to check them out! 

Good Luck to you all as you prepare for finals! You'll rock it! 


Pass or Fail

Yes people, I AM ALIVE. But may not be after tomorrow depending on if I PASS or NOT my lab final pass off for Nursing interventions tomorrow.  I am seriously freaking out about this so bad!!!! Most of you 2nd, and so on semester students are probably familiar with this. I will be given 30 minutes to complete a scenario which will consist of an administration of a med, either a central line dressing change or insertion of a foley catheter, and a position change. And if I pass, I will have to document all of what I did plus any patient teaching. I have been having nightmares and anxiety over this like you cannot imagine (or well you probably can since you’ve most likely have experienced this before). I’m scared that I will not know how to calculate the med dosage, or that I will forget to lock the med cart, or that I will forget to do my 3 med checks, or that I will forget to ask my mannequin pt for his/her name and birth date.  I’m stressing that I will break sterile field or that I will mix up the steps in the procedure. I’m scared that I will forget to do any significant patient teaching or that I will somehow mess up my position change even though I don’t know how that is possible but you never know. Anyway, please do keep me in mind and in your prayers. It would be very much appreciated. Any suggestions you guys? Tips? My pass of is tomorrow at 0900. Wish me luck!