Worst Pick Up Line Ever

Randomest thing just happened to me! 

Some dude knocks at my door wondering if I wanted to get the newspaper, after telling him no, a couple minutes later he comes over and knocks again and says "So I was wondering if you could fix my phone for me..." At this point I'm thinking, what do I look like some cellphone fixer? next thought that comes up, oh this kid might be trying to kidnap me or something
Me: "Um, I don't know how to fix phones sorry." 
Paperboy: "Well, it's broken because it doesn't have your phone number in it." 
I'm in shock, and probably gave him a weird look... 
He goes on to say "So maybe if you give me your number it will fix it." 
I say, "oh sorry I can't give you my number." 
He says, "No?" 
I'm like "No, I can't, I don't even know you." 
He goes on, "Well, if you go out on a date with me we could get to know each other." 
I'm like "No sorry, how old are you anyway?"
He says, "19." 
I say, "Oh see, I'm too old for you either way." He asks how old I am. 
I say, "21." 
He says "Oh you are! Oh well, thanks anyway." And walks on. Hahaha! 

Now I want YOU to share funny pick up  lines you've heard out there, or that have been used on you! READY, SET, GO!