Lots of random thoughts:

My friend found this Nursing infographic and I wanted to share it with all of you as well. :) You'll actually have to click here to view it since it doesn't fit on the post...

I had my first clinical on Tuesday and it was AWESOME! I loved it, minus the having to wake up at 0400!!! 

I started my Spring break on the wrong foot. I had another Pharmacology test and absolutely bombed it. I don't understand how because I studied for 10 hrs (no joke). But the test just didn't follow the study guide, and had a whole lot of extra stuff and meds that were never mentioned that we were supposed to know. I hate it when teachers do that.... I'm really bummed out and I'm just trying to think positive. 

Spring break really isn't much of a spring break because it's from Wednesday-Friday, but I only go to school Monday-Wednesday, so in reality I only had one day off. :(

I can't wait for this weekend. We're having a work party tomorrow. We only have to work half day and we get to party for the other half and still get paid for the whole day. Also, saturday evening I'm going dancing with my boyfriend, and I'm super excited. :)