The victim: Oranges

So remember how bad I was freakin’ out over my Pharmacology test the other day? Well, I did ok. I didn’t rock it like my last test, but I did decent. In my language, decent is within the 80’s. Last week was just horrible. I had 3 tests to take plus a 5 paged paper due. Let’s just say that I’m so glad it’s the start of a new week.

Tomorrow we will be practicing injecting.  On oranges.  Yep, on oranges. I wish we could practice on human beings because it’s just not the same you know.  For you nurses out there or nursing students, how did you guys practice? Did your school allow you to practice on each other? Or did a fruit have to be your victim?


  1. We practiced on oranges as well - it was to get our technique down (it's all in the wrist action). Then once we got our technique down, we could give injections to people during clinicals. We did sub-q injections on hot dogs - that was interesting.

    Good luck! :)

  2. we had fruit and we also had fake arms that had "veins" in them. I liked the fake arms..it was more real!

  3. Grace, thank you. I didn't do awesome, but I passed. I usually make A's on my tests in nursing. I guess thats when it was easy, it has gotten a lot harder now. I feel like my struggle for the B is more than getting an easy A though. We did not practice on fruit, we had a fake patch of tissue {it was sort of like a butt} to practice in at first for a few tries, then the whole class had injection check offs. We did IM,ID,SQ on each other. We have an odd number of people in our class also so guess who ended up getting 6 shots that day!? ME! lol

    I will say I practiced on a tomato at home for intradermal injections. It helped a little but nothing compares to doing it on a human. Do you get to practice on a class mate or do you have to wait till clinicals? Don't be nervous, injections aren't bad. Just remember the little rules like what angle the needle needs to go in, what guage, how long, and the landmarks are really important. You will do fine!

  4. OMG I remember learning injections and being terrified to do them. Now I stab people like it's no big deal lmao.

    We did oranges and then hot dogs for the intradermals. We also had arms and mannequins in the sim labs. Then we got to practice on patients. No practicing on each other, except IVs our senior year because we bullied my teach into it lol. There was also once an incident involving my roommates and stolen IV supplies and sitting on my floor in my room practicing IVs on each other--but that wasn't officially school-sanctioned :-x.

    People's skin always seems to be MUCH tougher than you think, so you just have to kind of take a deep breath and go for it. Any hesitation and it's not a good thing.

  5. hehe this reminds me of when my home ec teacher made me practice sewing on paper. it was ridiculous:) you're too funny! have a great weekend!