Worst Pick Up Line Ever

Randomest thing just happened to me! 

Some dude knocks at my door wondering if I wanted to get the newspaper, after telling him no, a couple minutes later he comes over and knocks again and says "So I was wondering if you could fix my phone for me..." At this point I'm thinking, what do I look like some cellphone fixer? next thought that comes up, oh this kid might be trying to kidnap me or something
Me: "Um, I don't know how to fix phones sorry." 
Paperboy: "Well, it's broken because it doesn't have your phone number in it." 
I'm in shock, and probably gave him a weird look... 
He goes on to say "So maybe if you give me your number it will fix it." 
I say, "oh sorry I can't give you my number." 
He says, "No?" 
I'm like "No, I can't, I don't even know you." 
He goes on, "Well, if you go out on a date with me we could get to know each other." 
I'm like "No sorry, how old are you anyway?"
He says, "19." 
I say, "Oh see, I'm too old for you either way." He asks how old I am. 
I say, "21." 
He says "Oh you are! Oh well, thanks anyway." And walks on. Hahaha! 

Now I want YOU to share funny pick up  lines you've heard out there, or that have been used on you! READY, SET, GO!


  1. LOL that is funny!

    I have never gotten any funny/weird ones like that! I can't remember any really! I don't get hit on very often, I make it well known that I am married!

  2. I started dating my hubby when I was 17, so I can't say that I have had a good pick-up line thrown at me. But I think you handled yourself pretty good for the 19 year old's advances towards you. Was he cute, because sometimes you can overcome age differences for the cuteness of the boy??

  3. hahaha:) i would have been scared out of my mind, then confused, then i guess...flattered? what a fun story! i don't have any pick-up lines! the hubster and i have been together since i was 16, and before that i was incredibly awkward:) a homeless man did yell at me from across the street today. i think he said "you pretty. good for you." haha

  4. Hahaha!! That is a funny pick up line, but I think I would have been a little freaked out!!

  5. Haha! This is hilarious! Sounds like you kept your cool pretty good tho, I would have said something absurd.


  6. Haha oh goodness. That is ridiculous! I think the best pick up line I have had is "Do you have a raisin?" My reply: "no." his line: "oh, well how about a date?" Hahaha. so funny.

  7. That is hilarious! What a courageous little guy - but a little scary too!