Day 3: A First Date

Day 3 - Your idea of the perfect first date


Riding horses along the beach... Looking at the sunset (sigh, i'm getting dreamy here). 

Wait, lets rewind. I don't live close to the beach... but we do have mountains in Utah. So a real perfect first date would include driving up to the Y (a mountain in Provo, Utah). Enjoying the beautiful view as we also talk and get to know each other. There would have to be lots of laughing involved.  Then we'd go latin dancing. It's so much fun! You have no idea how much I adore dancing. I get lost in the music and completely forget about my worries. And after the dance is over, we'd finish the night off with an ice-cream stop. Oh and no kiss. I don't kiss on first dates.


  1. sounds like a great date!

  2. FUN. I've only been on a horse once and I can't say I looked date worthy. More like a hot mess.

  3. sounds awesome! I love the mountains :) so gorgeous!