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Hard to believe it's Saturday already! 
I think I've been enjoying my Thanksgiving Break too much, and now I'm dreading Monday. 

I completely forgot to tell you, but remember that paper in English that I had initially failed? And how our professor gave us another chance to re-do it since pretty much the whole class failed? I did it again, fixed some things, and passed! Yippee! Now I have to work on my 7 page persuasive paper. Yuck! I hate English class...

Also, I got my TOEFL results back and guess what! I speak English. Hahaha!  I got pretty high scores in all 4 sections. Come Monday I'll take my scores to the Nursing Department so they have record of them.

I can't wait for December 17th 'cause that's when my Nursing Orientation will be, and then I can get all registered for classes!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to run and get me a spicy McChicken and fries from McDonald's. Totally unhealthy, I know.

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*Sorry, this post is a little bit random. But that's kind of what I had in mind today.

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  1. Unhealthy? Who cares.. I had McDonalds last night. It is fantastic :)